As a general note, magic is something of fear and superstition among the common folk. Dwarves tend more towards clerics than other magic users due to their devout faith and loyalty, though dwarven mages aren’t unheard of.

Bards are found all across the world, either as part of adventuring parties, as traveling musicians, or a member of a circus. They are welcome in any inn, where they are generally offered cheaper board in exchange for an evening’s entertainment and the extra custom that brings the inn/tavern.

Barbarians are usually part of a nomad tribe in the frozen north, or more rarely as bandits. They often don’t fit in among society and as such keep away from the major cities.

Clerics are found in most major cities seeing to the upkeep of the various temples. There are some who travel providing healing and spiritual guidance to smaller villages that don’t have a dedicated priest there. They often band together with other adventurers to take out powerful undead or fiends that may appear.

Druids usually tend to large areas of land that they call their own. Often they’ll see to the hamlets and small villages that are found in their land, blessing the harvest and keeping away dangerous beasts.

Fighters are common anywhere there is a semblance of civilization. From the town militia, soldiers and bandits to mercenaries.

Monks found away from the monasteries are more often self taught martial artists or hermits who have been seeking spiritual enlightenment. They are regarded little better than peasants before they have a chance to prove themselves, usually by combat.

Rangers, like druids, keep an eye on the land. However they are more likely village huntsmen or royal groundskeepers, or even scouts for the military.

Rogues are more often found in the cities where there is more gold to steal, though if in the wilderness, they are usually part of a bandit outfit or similar.

Sorcerers, as with the other magic uses, are met with some degree of superstition. However due to their rumored affiliation with dragons, are sometimes more well met than other arcane casters.

Warlocks find themselves having to hide their magic from others, or at least trying to pass themselves off as wizards as to avoid persecution from the common people.

Wizards have usually spent some amount of time training in one of the many academies across the land. When in the less civilized places, they are often met by superstition and fear.


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