The various races available to play, where they come from and potential for some of the more obscure races to be included at the current DM’s exception.

Elves mostly keep to themselves in their woodland fortresses where their seclusion helps keep them safe. When they do venture out, their skills in magic and fine crafts are valued in human lands, though are met by some suspicion by dwarves.

Dwarvesf frequently venture from their mountain holds to trade with the other races, whom find their quality stone, steel and wood workmanship far superior to most others. They are fond of their drink and can often be found in the various taverns of their land while between adventures.

Humans are the most prevalent race, and you’ll find them across the world. They are versatile and of many different talents.

Halflings are welcome everywhere, their good natures and love for cooking (only matched by their love of eating) make them great hosts and have left good impressions on the other peoples.

Gnomes share much of the halflings’ welcome due to their similarities, this is more so among the dwarves with whom they share a dedication to fine workmanship and invention.

Dragonborn are rare, and only a few can be found. However they are well respected by most due to their noble lineage, and also partly out of fear/awe by the common folk.

Tieflings are almost always outsiders. Their fiendish heritage makes people think the worst of them, however they find themselves relatively at home in the few half-elven or exile drow villages as they too find themselves outsiders most of the time.

Assimar are widely regarded with respect and awe due to their nature, but are otherwise welcome wherever humans are.

Planetouched are met mostly with curiosity, though they are sometimes mistaken for Assimar or Tieflings.

Orcs are not generally welcome due to their destructive nature. They are regarded with distrust and hate in general, though these feelings are stronger with the Dwarves and Elves. On occasion they can find themselves as part of bandit groups or as a mercenary troupe, but that is a rarer occurrence.

Half-Orcs tend to keep to the northern regions with their full blooded cousins, however there are many who make their trade in human lands as mercenaries.


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